Crocodile Pump Track

Project Name: Crocodile Pump Track
Client: World Trail

Asphalt Section Commencement Date: 3 June 2019
Asphalt Section Completion Date: 5 June 2019
Asphalt Budget: $50,000.00

ZAFA Contracting Pty Ltd was tasked with hand-laying asphalt on a complete new Asphalt Pump Track, designed & constructed by our client, in the picturesque rainforest of Mossman, in the Far North Queensland. This unique track features the iconic & well-known saltwater crocodile, which inhabits the estuaries in the area.


Funds of $150,000 to upgrade the park in Mossman were allocated Council’s 2018/19 budget and will be used to build the pump track. Council undertook a community consultation survey to understand what upgrades people wanted at the park. Douglas Shire Mayor, Julia Leu, said the pump track was the most popular response given in the survey. “20 per cent of people stated the installation of a pump track would encourage them to use the park more,” she said.

The works scope required a hand laid speciality surface comprised of an emulsion 7mm primer seal & a 40mm hand laid AC7 asphalt surface. Zafa had to look at this project with an outside of the box mentality due to the unique undulation & curvature of the required finished surface. This assessment leads to the creation of multiple speciality tooling for the installation of this job.


Outside of the immediate thought given to the construction of this job, a more focused process was employed to undertake the logistics of working over 350kms from our base depot in Brisbane. The requirement to stay away during the project’s construction meant the organisation of staff accommodation & travel plans were required.


The successful completion of this pump track led to ongoing work within this niche market of asphalt installation across Australia.  With the client becoming one of the largest providers of this type of product in the country. This project was most enjoyable for all parties involved.