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Car parks need to be secure, strong and built to last. The constant high-traffic nature of a car park means that it can become damaged without the right kind of fitting. At Zafa Contracting, we use only the best commercial asphalt, paving techniques and equipment to ensure you are left with car parks that will stand the test of time.



Car parks do more than just serve as a place to park your car, they can either make or mar the accessibility of your building. By providing visitors with an elaborate, smooth and exquisitely finished pavement to easily park and navigate your building, you create a good first impression while providing a strategic advantage for your business. Let shoppers, clients and visitors freely access your building and business premises without having to worry about car damage, slipping, and potholes.


Water drainage is a crucial aspect of constructing a car park. It’s important to ensure that your carpark has an even service so that ponding does not occur. Our many years of paving experience has led us to perfect this important detail, ensuring your drainage is sufficient and safe. 

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