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At Zafa Contracting we offer high quality industrial asphalting services for government and industrial sectors. Additionally, we are able to competently fulfil local council projects in many areas. We are fully insured and industry-leading in OHS practices.


We own and operate a large range of machinery to cater for many types of applications, from asphalt car parks to heavy duty transport areas such as main roads. We are a reliable company that prides ourselves in efficiency and top-notch results. We are passionate about our work and enjoy creating beautiful and functional designs with each of our projects.

Zafa Contracting prides itself on providing premium quality asphalt services to an expansive range of locations. With valuable experience and unrivaled efficiency Zafa Contracting is able to provide the following services:

* Car Parks

* Main Road Projects

* Bitumen Spray Seal

* Sports Courts

* Bobcat Profiling

* Asphalt Spoon Drains

* Reseals

* Potholes

* Repairs

* Speed Humps

* Council SWMS Compliance

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