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Zafa Contracting undertakes several types of pavement rehabilitation works which includes Profiling, Mill & Fill (replace) and Asphalt Overlay.


Zafa Contracting utilises CAT246D Skid steers for its profiling. These machines have fully flexible cutting systems which are available for a wide range of activities. These are versatile machines used for milling out failed asphalt and road base up to 200mm deep. It leaves a clean edge ready for reinstatement with deep lift asphalt or road base & asphalt. This saves you time and money as there is no need for saw cutting the perimeter and particularly for shallow depths it leaves a clean level base.


If the need requires larger machines for profiling, Zafa Contracting has a great working relationship with a local company, who has the latest flexible cutting machines & technology.


In the case of pavements or minor patch repairs, not all the existing asphalt needs to be removed and therefore we utilise the Mill & Fill method. This method is similar to the full depth remove of asphalt and the replace method, however, is focused on small areas which are more cost-effective.




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