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Zafa Contracting has the equipment and experience to complete any private & recreational asphalt project, from long-jump tracks, basketball courts, runways, carports and of course, all size driveways and private property access roads.



Zafa Contracting is committed to installing driveways & other private asphalt works that flaunt high aesthetics and meet each of the client’s requirements using the best quality materials, paving techniques and equipment. No job is too big or too small. We have installed 28m x 15m basketball courts, 40m long jump tracks, light aircraft runways and more. We are responsible for completing hundreds of Asphalt driveways in a range in sizes, all around Queensland. Asphalt Driveways, carport, courts & tracks are durable, functional and attractive addition to your home or school.

As expert contractors, we understand that every step of the installation is crucial. From the initial excavation and surface preparation down to the final rolling, we ensure that the base is adequately prepared to provide the perfect surface for the incoming asphalt. Your asphalt driveway will have a smooth attractive finish and should last many years.

We take pride in our quality workmanship and project plan the entire process, so you won’t be disappointed in the finished product.

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