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Whilst Asphalt Pump Tracks do fall under “recreational” asphalt projects, they are a work of art and deserve their own category in our services. The works generally require a hand laid speciality surface with multiple speciality tooling for the installation. Asphalt pump tracks require detailed design & project management, proper surface preparation and the installation will be comprised of an emulsion 7mm primer seal & around 40mm of hand-laid AC7 asphalt surface.

The benefits of Asphalt for your Pump Track are:


  • Low Maintenance– Asphalt pump tracks require less maintenance than traditional pump tracks, which are typically unsealed (i.e. crushed rock). The useful life of an asphalt pump track is around 18-20 years. There are no joints in riding surface which means that there are no weak points allowing water ingress.


  • Aesthetically pleasing– Asphalt pump tracks are works of art. – our clients ensure a beautiful yet functional design. The highly curved sculptural forms of asphalt pump tracks provide an attractive addition to even the most formal landscape or natural setting. With the addition of passive areas for resting and spectating, circulation pathways, trees, vegetation, drainage and outdoor furniture, pump tracks become vibrant, interesting, attractive and functional recreational landscapes for all users.


  • Wide Range of User Groups– The smooth asphalt surface allows for usage by skateboard and scooter riders, not just bike riders. This creates higher utilisation than traditional unsealed pump tracks.


  • Perfect learning environment for kids – Asphalt pump tracks form the perfect platform for kids to learn the skills required to transition into mountain biking, road cycling, BMX racing and skate park riding.


  • Cost effective – More cost effective than skate parks with a comparable footprint.
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