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Zafa Contracting is dedicated to providing a high quality and professional service when constructing your residential asphalt project.

An asphalt driveway on suburban or rural blocks looks stylish and modern. Asphalt driveways and paths also look great leading into commercial and industrial sites where first impressions are important.

Having a new driveway installed can improve your home’s street appeal and it’s overall value. Asphalt is a superior material to be considered for your residential driveway because:


One of the most important benefits of having an asphalt driveway is how long your investment will last. Asphalt contracts and expands with different temperatures and weather conditions. This flexibility helps asphalt not break easily like concrete. An asphalt driveway can withstand heavy loads and holds up well in high-traffic areas. This makes it a great choice for any residential property.


Asphalt is not an overly expensive material. Asphalt can be less than half the cost of concrete and maintains quality just as well.

Sets Quickly

Waiting on your driveway to dry and losing access to your home can be a big inconvenience. With asphalt, you can drive on your new driveway within 24 hours of it being installed.


Asphalt repairs and maintenance are the least expensive compared to other materials. In the case of replacement, repaving is far less expensive than any other type of driveway.