Zafa Contracting

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Suppliers, Contractors & Partnering

Zafa Contracting follows a comprehensive “Management of Contractors Procedure” in order to ensure the constant inflow of suitable contractors to warrant a consistent supply.

We will ensure that when suppliers & contractors are to be utilised:
• Potential contractors are evaluated prior to any works commencing;
• Contractors and their workers will all receive induction training and information prior to commencing works;
• Any works conducted by contractors will comply with company procedures;
• Training competencies/authorities are checked prior to starting their work.
• Contractors will sign the ‘Contractors Work Health & Safety Statement’ prior to being engaged by the company.

Through partnerships we can contribute our services and reap the benefits of everyone’s effort. We can accelerate learning and distribute skills and knowledge and add depth and professionalism to our client impact. In making the real promise of partnerships, however, we are prepared to build, sustain, and evaluate them in a thoughtful way.

We will fulfill this commitment by:
• Identifying principal desired partnership achievements and factors associated with successful partnership development.
• Identify the factors associated with successful partnership development and any principal barriers to the partnership.
• Acknowledging and recognising the extent of dependency upon individuals to achieve goals. Focusing on partnership added value.
• Emphasising and provide clarity in understanding and leadership.
• Recognising and allowing the differences in culture/practice that exist among partners.
• Ensuring clarity of purpose.
• Ensuring a level of ownership and management commitment.
• Developing and maintaining trust and clear partnership working arrangements.
• Accounting for performance management.
• Recognising the opportunity for learning experiences and sharing good practices.
• Implementing change and making improvements.